Various Interests & Mentors

Wealth_Symbol_150Combining her various interests, of teaching, art instruction, herbal knowledge, illustration, writing and Feng Shui, Caroline opened a business called, Caroline’s Arts and Feng Shui Shoppe located on the waterfront in Benicia, California in 1994. The location was chosen with Feng Shui Principles and was an immediate success. The space became a magnet for workshops, unexpected gatherings and guests from around the world.

With the success of thousands of clients ranging from physicians, CEO’s of large and small businesses, school systems, city government, publishing corporations, research facilities, outlet shopping malls, China businesses, health centers, animal kennels, interior design and architectural companies she has gained a reputation of locating the problems quickly and correcting the situation.

Acorn_ChinaAcorn Product Development Company, based in California’s Silicon Valley are North American Leaders in new product design/mechanical engineering.

Over 50 companies in 2007, such as Apple, Cisco, Logitech and Siemens Medical rely on Acorn. She has consulted in their expansion to China and Boston.

When companies expand, Caroline listens to her clients needs and helps them grow according to Chi flow, implementing correct Feng Shui design choices, color applications and select proper art pieces for each space.

Other mentors include Alexis Summerfield, Jean Crain, Mary Evans, Roger Green, Deborah Gee, Teacher Ho Lynn (a.k.a. Jetsun Darma of Yuan Yuan Ed Foundation), William Spears, Lillian Bridges and Katherine Metz. These studies deepen her ability to understand the ancient science and apply it to our modern world of technology.

She is available upon request to educate people, such as CEO’s and employees, of their company’s potential, through city and corporate lectures, evaluating the companies, one family at a time.

Caroline dedicates this website to the late Grandmaster Lin Yun, who named her BorNei and thanks him for his service and compassion to mankind.

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