Chinese Antique Door

Chinese Antique Door and Its Origin

From the beginning of time, man has recorded his life. Whether it be the walls of a cave or a priceless painting in the Louvre, creativity is a part of the human experience. Furniture, panels, window coverings, stone walls, tiles, flooring, jewelry and pottery are but a few of the materials that hold man’s nature. Forms, shapes, colors, wood, metal, stone and clay have been used to carve, mold and retain words and feelings of the artist. Ancient buildings in most countries display magnificent artesian creations, from fountains to the roof tops. These pieces speak symbolically of the past and hold energy from the makers and the owners. Using pieces in your home that have a positive past are a welcome addition.

Here is an email from a person who recently purchased some beautiful huge double doors. They are works of art and he/she would like to more know about them. The pictures sent by email reveal over one hundred metal half pieces on the panels. Some of the large ones are set in rows in horizontal lines across both doors. Other features are metal wording, dark wood and two round ring handles, which are probably the openers to the heavy doors. Here is the correspondence.


I was advised that you would be able to give me information about this door. I would like to use it as an entry door for my house. I have searched in books and also the Internet, no such luck. Can you kindly help?

I am hoping you can give me information on this particular door. With this email is an attachment file, with pictures of the door. I had purchased it at a consignment store in California. I have searched the Internet to get more information, but all I find are reproduction doors, but not anything like this particular door. I thank you in advance and appreciate any information you can provide.

I was told the following information when I purchased this door. Origin: Shan Xi, Qing (Ching) Dynasty Circa: 200 years old, 1634-1911 Material: Elm Wood with Wrought Iron Measurements: 96.5′ x 26.5′ x 6


A Reader


Please don’t take my word on this, as I am no authority on antiques. There are places on the internet which you might search and experts in San Francisco who could help you on your research regarding your purchase of doors. So, in saying that, I do remember my Master Teacher talking about the raised, large half circles on doors we saw in China, and that they reflected the owner’s importance, adding you could add the same type of decoration to your doors if you want to retain or add status in the community. Certain numbers are auspicious and bring good luck, so the amount of “decorative knobs” in certain areas in a row would tell a story of sorts about the person who lives in the house.

I would also think they are for protection, as they represent the METAL Element in the 5 element theory system and are convex. No “evil” can stick to a rounded protruding surface, and I see the door ring handles are guarded by Mystical Dogs. You might find a site which might give more insight as to the characters. They look wonderful and I hope they bring you abundance.

The Metal Element in a constructive cycle will “make condensation” which in turn makes WATER, and WATER is the Element which is associated with job opportunities. The mouth of Chi is the front door, and so Chi flows through the front door bringing Knowledge and Helpful People to assist with those unseen opportunities!

The pictures of the doors are beautiful and mystical. I would try to find out what part of China they came from and if the owners were prosperous, which in turn, would help you be prosperous, as well. This is called predecessor Chi. The energy continues to help or hinder the next owner. Remember, keeping things around that are loved will bring good luck, while keeping old, mean, Auntie DoDa’s rings and desk is only asking for you to inherit her “Cranky Chi.” Yikes! And why are you keeping the china from a horrible divorce and the china cabinet or, God forbid, sleeping on the same mattress you shared with this person? Every time you pass the display cabinet it is a silent reminder of the culprit.

Please let me know what you find out about the doors. If you have no luck I will try to find a friend who can help you.

Could you share who recommended me for this advice?

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