Advice to Grown Children

During a magical trip to the Bay Area of California, I found Feng Shui and teachers who were teaching the relationship of humans, heaven and earth.

I had been searching for any information on the subject for several years. I first heard about geomancy in the 1980s while teaching art at South Eastern Arizona College, referred to as Cochise College. A friend from California sent me a newspaper column about the energy of land and the proper placement of dwellings on landforms. The information seemed mysteriously familiar and I was immediately hooked on the subject. This ancient science of arrangement gave reason to why, when and where on a deep personal level. It answered questions about all the aspects of my life, up to that point. I was able to test this information immediately by using the Bagua or template, used by Feng Shui Masters to locate the missing pieces of my life puzzle. All of the things I had done or studied up to this point in my life fell into place and were complemented. Art, herbal knowledge, alternative medicine, astrology, alchemy, interaction with family, shapes, forms, colors, seasons and cycles of time and space were reflected in all of the homes I had lived in.

Travel_SouthwestTime passed and soon the children were safely in college. I was free to explore other states, other teachers and other subjects. My former husband and I traveled with his job, which renewed the opportunity to explore the West Coast and all the possibilities it offered. (I now call this Phase II of my life.) We kept a home base in Prescott, Arizona for family gatherings, as family has always been a priority for us and still is. We traveled for the next fourteen years. I taught painting and medicine making, painted pet portraits, and moonlighted as a cosmetologist, cutting and perming hair to finance my endless addiction for knowledge. My husband’s company was in the Bay Area and we were often near San Francisco for periods of time. Where better to sooth this curiosity than Berkeley, California. The world’s famous city where all “new” ideas are born and sometimes tolerated. Looking back, it was no accident I came to this part of the world. I met one of the best Feng Shui teachers in the world, Grandmaster Lin Yun. Though I had had over twenty teachers on different subjects up to this point, Professor Lin, with his wisdom and knowledge on all subjects, opened my eyes to “seeing” the levels of mind, body and spirit and our connection with Heaven and Earth.

Now twenty years later (Phase III), I can say it has been quite a “ride.” Chances are the adventures you must take to find the other side of yourself. For some it might be as hard to make a phone call for a job as for others to travel across the world. But you will never know what is on the other side of that world if you don’t make the effort to find out. I could have stayed safe and sound as they say, in the Midwest, but Feng Shui would not have been part of my life.

angels2Though both of our children found success early on, now phase II is beginning. I rarely give advice, as I find no matter what you say, you can’t save anyone from the natural progression of life’s adventures. Mother’s Day is a perfect time to put your 2 cents worth in. Here is a reply to my daughter’s gift and card. She is living in the Midwest and my son and his family live in the Northwest.

Thought this book looked interesting, “What I want next,” 30 minutes to reveal your future…go to Amazon, I guess…Thank you both for your Mother’s Day cards, most of the time I’m on track about things, but there are times when I feel a bit lost…

Had a great Mother’s Day with the kids (two grandsons, son, daughter-in-law and ex-husband) and everyone was in happy spirits (at the island house). Your Father seems a lot happier with his new eyes. (He has had cataract surgery.) We had some good talks that should have been done 45 years ago, but things build up and no one wants to “upset the boat,” and all of a sudden 40 years go by and it was time to go over some past issues. I think the mercury-retro was in Pisces. Your Dad and I both have a Pisces Moon, so that’s why we always give in to family as the most important aspect and stay strong about those things. Pisces is the healer, taking care of everyone, and the Christ energy. It’s the other 10 or 11 aspects of our zodiac signs that seem to fray like an old pair of shoes. Dad and I had a marriage in Saturn/Pluto from the get go…Yikes…and finally Saturn will leave my chart in September. Don’t know how to act without struggle. But I’m looking forward to finding out!

Aries energy will come in kicking strong May 27th for everyone, so hang on. Things will go forward and you need to GO with all the changes that this fire Chi will provide. This is for everyone. Don’t second-guess things, it’s time to just do it and take a chance. Chances are investments; whether you succeed or fail, you still succeed!

Actually I find the planets are right on target to force situations, making sure we tow the cosmic lines and learn what we agreed to accomplish. What you don’t face and ignore comes back again and again dressed as something different. The cycles are very simple and extremely complex. Just came across a astrology reading from the Edgar Cayce people from around 1980 and now I can see everything was right on target and but it was way to soon in my life to “see” the whole thing….Yada Yada…

Anyway they are putting in the lights above my little kitchen island in the loft (condo with 15-foot windows). It’s hard to leave the island for many reasons when things are going good, the weather is wondrous, the 300-ft. trees are striking and the ocean beckons, but I especially love the huge kitchen, which is perfect for cooking.

I wish for you both an easy adventure, sorry it is so hard at times, but if you fight against change, it will only batter you more. Be strong and stay true to that inner voice of your talents. You still have a lot of years to focus on them, so take the leap of faith Aries brings. This is where you will find freedom and joy. Be above the situation, not in it! Soar high and you will see the answers. Stop pleasing everyone first and then yourself, it only gets you old and angry. If you are happy, everyone around you will get happier.

PS. Drive careful, don’t talk to strangers, don’t play in the street, be polite, don’t scream, go to bed on time, don’t eat junk food, love your neighbors and yada, yada!

Lots of Love,Mom

Wealth_SymbolOh well, old habits are hard to break….

Any suggestions given in this column are only for entertainment. Please contact your physician for any medical or herbal advice or diagnosis. Caroline Patrick is not responsible for any misuse of her advice or suggestions.

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