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World Responsibility Starts at Home with Feng Shui

It is hard to focus on mundane things when our planet earth is in such dire need of immediate attention. Moving furniture around the house to create harmony and balance seems at the bottom of my list this week when Japan is suffering such upheaval. I was a child during World War II and have lived the sorrow of that time. We have come so far in understanding that what happens to us happens to everyone on every level.

We are one.

Envelopes_and_CoinsI no longer try to convince people about the validity of Feng Shui. I would be wasting my time and energy. It is best for me to give Feng Shui advice for those who truly want to help themselves create ways to save their homes, jobs and families. Using the ancient 5-Element theory of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in the proper order can help heal bodies, homes, businesses, nations, the planet and the world! This statement has nothing to do with religion, although there are some who say it does. I invite these people to please educate themselves to mathematics, science, nature, and humans’ relationship to wind, weather and all the elements necessary for the planet to sustain life. The natural phases of birth and death. The Feng Shui or rhythm of interaction of human life and the cosmos must be understood to heal the current situation in the world.

The night before the quake, I was on the phone with a dear friend who was turning 78 years old the next day. She said, “I was born during a big earthquake. I hope we don’t have one tomorrow.” We joked a little, but I felt uneasiness deep within my body during the conversation as we talked about where she was born, etc. A few hours later a quake did shake not just Japan, but the world. My friend is not happy with her age. She can’t move around as quickly as she use to. She forgets things. Car keys hide. Grocery lists are lost before going to the store. Appointments cause anxiety, and depression comes and goes, but she is one of the wisest people I know. She uses Feng Shui in many ways and always has wisdom to share. Her bed is in what is called the “commanding position,” which is very beneficial. Her desk is not big enough, but she loves it, and her stove is too close to the front door. Adjustments have been done to adjust the stove and desk and so life goes on. My friend stays current on politics, metaphysics and is an artist. Her belief in using Feng Shui has nothing to do with her faith, but is a system to create balance in her surroundings. My friend’s daughter was a four-year mentoring student of mine who is able to help her mother and bring relief to clients.

If you feel helpless about helping other countries, start with yourself at home. Implement the processes and cures I have taught in workshops to many of my readers, clients and students. Lift your personal Chi with the ancient methods passed on to me.

Master teacher Thomas Lin Yun.

Grandmaster’s mother was Japanese and he spoke fluently in Japanese and other languages. Professor’s father was a very renowned Chinese Scholar. His mother and father were separated by war early in his life, and he learned to love all countries and all people through this experience. Help one person and you help yourself, help others and you help the world. Personal Chi is elevated to the highest level by performing good deeds. I challenge every person who reads this column to do a good deed. Let me know what happens!

I met a lovely woman the other day at a festival. There was a sparkle in her eyes, but her health was very bad and her financial situation had taken a drastic downward turn that very morning. She needed help. Her large beautiful desk was facing away from the front entry door which caused her to loose opportunities. Being a realtor, this is not a good thing. Family pictures filled the wall across the room. At least 25 photos reminded her of all the heartache she was feeling each time she glanced up from the computer. Her grown son who lost his house that morning on which she had co-signed. Her two grandchildren, who he had lost custody of, and many other relatives who had passed on, and precious pets. There were several things that needed Feng Shui attention, but her desk position was vital to her business, and she had none. Once a top seller, she had sold her cozy home that was very Feng Shui friendly and bought a more beautiful one near the harbor in a closed, protected community which had many negative detail designs. I will continue to help her with the adjustments. She has also recently had cancer surgery and the center of the house which is related to Health was in need of “cures.”

Each year I give back by donating a few consultations to those who will learn quickly and use their skills to help others. I choose these people because they will make a difference in a big way by helping others. This woman was once very happy and cheerful, and hopefully will be back on target soon. She is humble and has a pure heart to teach others.

Please join me and use your knowledge to help just one person. Light up the world with each good deed.

Good Morning Caroline,

Yes, I will be happy to send your flyer out. When is your Koi Fish show?

I don’t remember what I was referring to about the money cure.

I have this Dragon Print I got in Chinatown. (Attached is a picture of the print.) What do you think of it for the wall behind my desk?

You are right the Dragon does make me feel more powerful. I thought I would frame the print. I don’t remember the name of the two birds.

The bottom line, what do you think of the print?

You are the “Best” Feng Shui Consultant.

Have a Great Day!!
A Client

Good afternoon to you,

Hope you have time to go over the suggestions I wrote up for your consultation. If you decide to keep your desk in the current position, drape the picture (fabric?) temporarily of the dragons and the Phoenix birds over the family pictures. This is one way to test the visual impact of the animal verses family pictures of everyone who needs help!

But remember to be in a commanding position while seated at your desk, you will need to place a large swivel mirror or hang a large mirror in the window sill, similar to a rear view mirror in a car, so you can see the entrance to your driveway to accept opportunities as they arrive at your front door. This is the most important part of “this piece” of the correction. Now you will “see” who and what is coming from behind in your daily business. It would be interesting to see your office at work.

Try the picture behind your back and also where the family pictures are hung in front of you and then tell me what feels best.

I will be doing the Feng Shui presentation for the NW Koi people at one of their homes, so it is a private presentation.

You ask me about the print? I would bless it and put it on an altar for 27 days, before hanging completely. The Chi of any piece of art, furniture, a car, a building depends on the Chi of the person or people who create the object. Another important factor about energy.

This is why it is important to evaluate all of these things when buying and selling houses. What has happened in the house?

The money cure was given to me by my Master Teacher many years ago and takes some dedication to complete, but is worth doing, especially during these crazy economical ups and downs.

Thank you,

Certified Red Ribbon Professional of the International Feng Shui Guild

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