We Arrive Home

The ancient art of placement, called Feng Shui uses an eight-sided grid called a Bagua to locate the mouth of Chi in your living and working spaces. This 5000-year-old tool contains nine equal sections which supports the nine aspects of life and works with the five elements necessary for balance and harmony on the earth. Water, Wood, Fire, Metal and Earth are the necessary elements. and the aspects are Career, Knowledge, Family, Wealth, Fame, Partnership, Helpful People and Travel and good Health. With a balanced combination of all these supporting factors, our lives become easier to manage. When one or two aspects become too important, then the others suffer.

The last few years our family life suffered. I longed to see my two grandsons more often. I wanted to see the daily cute things they say and do. I felt sorry for myself at times and wished they could live closer. Too many miles separated us for too long. Our present home was beautiful, but the Family sector lacked the support for the Chi or Energy to flow properly. The section related to this Wood Qua was not free of clutter. Our garage filled this sector and my husband in his Feng Shui innocence had piled a thousand pounds of tile against the back side door or entry. Once a door has been built, blocking the entry is a Feng Shui no-no! I didn’t expect him to re-stack the tile. We were going to retile the house that spring, and spring was just around the corner. His current job project was local and he was assured traveling wasn’t scheduled by his company. Of course he was quickly assigned a project four hours from home.

The tile sat in the Family sector another six years, and problems began to occur shortly. Little ones and big ones too personal to write about, I applied my knowledge of Feng Shui which helped a lot, but the blockage was there and needed to addressed. Now it was time to relocate for retirement. Boxes began to be moved and shifted in the garage and our life reflected this action. It was time for realigning our lives.

Many situations took place and finally the stagnation in our home was released. Looking for car papers, house insurance and all of those fun projects which make you crazy, was changing our thinking and planning every few hours, it seemed. We would put money on one home, only to find out another couple had just put earnest money on the same property an hour before. This process repeated itself again and again. But I realized that losing your grip on a sure thing is God’s way of “stepping in” to save you from yourself.

Path_To_OceanWe had given up on finding a home on the Oregon Coast and were now ready to give up and try later, when our son called with his suggestion to move both families to the San Juan Islands. My dream was coming true. I let go of the constant yearning to be near the little ones. That is when things materialize into form. The blockage of controlling any situation can stagnate any purpose. The Chi lodges in the home, in the atmosphere or in the body. Blockage is blockage.

To make a long story short, we are now living on an island in the San Juan Islands. The house materialized easily, our other home sold the next week with a few quirks of its own to be discussed later. Pine trees tower above our property and the wind talks to me daily. Kiddingly I told my husband, “If the next house we see has blue-green kitchen counter tops, refrigerator with a bottom freezer, and a studio, and a fountain in the front yard, I’ll buy it!” It did, and we bought it!

The children are here with us as we figure out the rest of the plan, or maybe it reveals itself. There is magic around every pathway, as the former owner believed in secrets planted around every corner. Her projects are my treasures as I spent a lot of time with the little ones, looking at bugs and dragons in our Never, Never Land.

Yes, there are days when I think I was crazy for wishing the six loads of laundry and lunches to pack, Ferry Boat, meetings to attend, school bus schedules to mark on the calendar, but soon the little guys will be big guys, not wanting Grandma’s attention.

I still will be doing Feng Shui. The local college just signed me up to teach several classes next winter and the calls are coming in for speaking engagements. My picture is again in the local paper, and I am the only Feng Shui Consultant in the Yellow Pages within a hundred miles. I’d better enjoy the hectic schedule of the little ones because going back to work will probably be the only rest I’m going to get.

World Responsibility

World Responsibility Starts at Home with Feng Shui

It is hard to focus on mundane things when our planet earth is in such dire need of immediate attention. Moving furniture around the house to create harmony and balance seems at the bottom of my list this week when Japan is suffering such upheaval. I was a child during World War II and have lived the sorrow of that time. We have come so far in understanding that what happens to us happens to everyone on every level.

We are one.

Envelopes_and_CoinsI no longer try to convince people about the validity of Feng Shui. I would be wasting my time and energy. It is best for me to give Feng Shui advice for those who truly want to help themselves create ways to save their homes, jobs and families. Using the ancient 5-Element theory of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water in the proper order can help heal bodies, homes, businesses, nations, the planet and the world! This statement has nothing to do with religion, although there are some who say it does. I invite these people to please educate themselves to mathematics, science, nature, and humans’ relationship to wind, weather and all the elements necessary for the planet to sustain life. The natural phases of birth and death. The Feng Shui or rhythm of interaction of human life and the cosmos must be understood to heal the current situation in the world.

The night before the quake, I was on the phone with a dear friend who was turning 78 years old the next day. She said, “I was born during a big earthquake. I hope we don’t have one tomorrow.” We joked a little, but I felt uneasiness deep within my body during the conversation as we talked about where she was born, etc. A few hours later a quake did shake not just Japan, but the world. My friend is not happy with her age. She can’t move around as quickly as she use to. She forgets things. Car keys hide. Grocery lists are lost before going to the store. Appointments cause anxiety, and depression comes and goes, but she is one of the wisest people I know. She uses Feng Shui in many ways and always has wisdom to share. Her bed is in what is called the “commanding position,” which is very beneficial. Her desk is not big enough, but she loves it, and her stove is too close to the front door. Adjustments have been done to adjust the stove and desk and so life goes on. My friend stays current on politics, metaphysics and is an artist. Her belief in using Feng Shui has nothing to do with her faith, but is a system to create balance in her surroundings. My friend’s daughter was a four-year mentoring student of mine who is able to help her mother and bring relief to clients.

If you feel helpless about helping other countries, start with yourself at home. Implement the processes and cures I have taught in workshops to many of my readers, clients and students. Lift your personal Chi with the ancient methods passed on to me.

Master teacher Thomas Lin Yun.

Grandmaster’s mother was Japanese and he spoke fluently in Japanese and other languages. Professor’s father was a very renowned Chinese Scholar. His mother and father were separated by war early in his life, and he learned to love all countries and all people through this experience. Help one person and you help yourself, help others and you help the world. Personal Chi is elevated to the highest level by performing good deeds. I challenge every person who reads this column to do a good deed. Let me know what happens!

I met a lovely woman the other day at a festival. There was a sparkle in her eyes, but her health was very bad and her financial situation had taken a drastic downward turn that very morning. She needed help. Her large beautiful desk was facing away from the front entry door which caused her to loose opportunities. Being a realtor, this is not a good thing. Family pictures filled the wall across the room. At least 25 photos reminded her of all the heartache she was feeling each time she glanced up from the computer. Her grown son who lost his house that morning on which she had co-signed. Her two grandchildren, who he had lost custody of, and many other relatives who had passed on, and precious pets. There were several things that needed Feng Shui attention, but her desk position was vital to her business, and she had none. Once a top seller, she had sold her cozy home that was very Feng Shui friendly and bought a more beautiful one near the harbor in a closed, protected community which had many negative detail designs. I will continue to help her with the adjustments. She has also recently had cancer surgery and the center of the house which is related to Health was in need of “cures.”

Each year I give back by donating a few consultations to those who will learn quickly and use their skills to help others. I choose these people because they will make a difference in a big way by helping others. This woman was once very happy and cheerful, and hopefully will be back on target soon. She is humble and has a pure heart to teach others.

Please join me and use your knowledge to help just one person. Light up the world with each good deed.

Good Morning Caroline,

Yes, I will be happy to send your flyer out. When is your Koi Fish show?

I don’t remember what I was referring to about the money cure.

I have this Dragon Print I got in Chinatown. (Attached is a picture of the print.) What do you think of it for the wall behind my desk?

You are right the Dragon does make me feel more powerful. I thought I would frame the print. I don’t remember the name of the two birds.

The bottom line, what do you think of the print?

You are the “Best” Feng Shui Consultant.

Have a Great Day!!
A Client

Good afternoon to you,

Hope you have time to go over the suggestions I wrote up for your consultation. If you decide to keep your desk in the current position, drape the picture (fabric?) temporarily of the dragons and the Phoenix birds over the family pictures. This is one way to test the visual impact of the animal verses family pictures of everyone who needs help!

But remember to be in a commanding position while seated at your desk, you will need to place a large swivel mirror or hang a large mirror in the window sill, similar to a rear view mirror in a car, so you can see the entrance to your driveway to accept opportunities as they arrive at your front door. This is the most important part of “this piece” of the correction. Now you will “see” who and what is coming from behind in your daily business. It would be interesting to see your office at work.

Try the picture behind your back and also where the family pictures are hung in front of you and then tell me what feels best.

I will be doing the Feng Shui presentation for the NW Koi people at one of their homes, so it is a private presentation.

You ask me about the print? I would bless it and put it on an altar for 27 days, before hanging completely. The Chi of any piece of art, furniture, a car, a building depends on the Chi of the person or people who create the object. Another important factor about energy.

This is why it is important to evaluate all of these things when buying and selling houses. What has happened in the house?

The money cure was given to me by my Master Teacher many years ago and takes some dedication to complete, but is worth doing, especially during these crazy economical ups and downs.

Thank you,

Certified Red Ribbon Professional of the International Feng Shui Guild

Birth of West Meets East!

The Birth of West Meets East! Feng Shui and More!

Hello to all. Many changes have occurred for all of us the last few months. It is important to support and honor new births, new homes, new businesses, new changes, and even deaths of old ways, old issues, old residences and those dearly loved ones who have passed on. If you have had problems moving forward and letting go of the past, and you want to find peace within your heart and home, I hope you read the Dear Diary articles in the last two or three weeks that were written for the Benicia Herald in Benicia, California. I recapped my July and August visit to the area. It focused on many of the challenges we are facing and the death of my Master Teacher, His Holiness Lin Yun, who traveled the world to teach Feng Shui until his body could not keep up with his mind. Professor Lin encouraged me to teach, but also to write, which I had never done before; but miracles never cease, and with his faith I began a quest to bring Feng Shui to the public through the world of newspapers, magazines and books. I still can’t believe I was able to conquer the fear of spelling and trying to write for a newspaper.

The column called “West Meets East” is still popular after 13 years! It seems only yesterday the editor of the Herald, John Moses, gave me a break to write a Feng Shui column. For over a year I begged, bribed him with fine cigars, and generally made his life miserable to let me write about the Art of Placement. My art gallery and shoppe was located in the old Tannery Building. Every time he stopped at the cigar store next door, I would hear his unmistakable voice choose one of “Spud’s” expensive “smokes.” Immediately I would stop what I was doing and chase John down the street, asking one more time if I could just please write six columns for six weeks, 500 words. One day he turned around suddenly with a look I will never forget. It looked as if he was going to have me arrested! I jumped back a little fearing his reprisal. Suddenly he replied quite loudly, “One week, 300 words,” to which I said, “Six weeks 400 words.” With the quick response of a ping-pong match, John concluded his rally with, “Four weeks 400 words, and don’t you get me in trouble and write something too weird.” Now I was in deep trouble … I didn’t own a computer, didn’t know how to write, and had to hire someone to type the ten pages a week of longhand. Sometimes the article took four hours to write and sometimes eight hours. It still takes three to four hours every Monday morning to put together, but the love of writing is one of the many gifts Master Lin gave me, so I can share the power of Feng Shui. And the rest is history!

OfficeFeng Shui became mainstream in the Bay Area and the world over the next few years. Although India and China recorded the interaction of weather and land formations in relationship with humans thousands of years ago, the West resisted the language of the ancients, not understanding the value of these hidden treasures. Now with the planet trying desperately to retain balance, Feng Shui is definitely a tool for survival at the deepest level of harmony and balance with nature and the cosmos. I hope I have played a part in educating readers that these seemingly strange words, when translated, are very timely and tame. Feng Shui, pronounced, fung shway, innocently means wind and water, or way to balance the elements of Wind and Water in your home, your business and the world.

For years I have given lectures, classes and workshops on art, herbs and Feng Shui in many cities. On my recent trip to the Bay Area, I spoke at the Solano County Realtor’s meeting. I enjoyed seeing many of the same people and was surprised to have several realtors stand and give testimony of how my private consultations had altered their private lives and their business careers. Although I still give talks and workshops to organizations, the phone and computer are technology’s gift to giving phone consultations. Pictures can be taken quickly and then scanned, and Google Earth can see your house, location and lot size. Now I am able to work with individuals, builders, architects, all types of facilities, cities, companies and corporations by phone and computer.

Feng Shui for Relationships, Marriage, Love

FfamilyValentine’s Day at our house was a celebration of Chi. My son was visiting with his two sons at our island home. The weather was beautiful after a few rainy days, and the sun came out for the afternoon. After a quick lunch, “the guys” went outside to start up the riding mowers and race around the property. We have four lots on the property, so there are a lot of hidden places to explore. My 7-year-old grandson has his own rebuilt mower, which my husband has converted to a runabout. The second grandson steers as his grandpa regulates the motor of the other vehicle. I watch the procession with breathtaking scenery of water, land and loved ones as a backdrop, through the large windows of the house while doing dishes. I finish up quickly, reminding myself that each moment is a memory. Grabbing the camera, I capture the children laughing, yelling and growing.

Back in the house after the excursion, the crew scatters Valentine cards over the entire living room, as tomorrow is the true Valentine’s Day, and school parties are scheduled. I bake Valentine cookies at the request of the littlest guy, while my son gets highly involved in lists of classmates who each need a card in both classes. The kitchen overlooks the whole process. I burst into laughter at the seriousness of the situation. My husband laughs also. Our son and his children look at us as if we had just lost our minds to find humor in their busy job. My mind wanders back many years to the same Valentine excitement of our kids, and I try to put on a serious face for the moment. The cards are each double-checked for spelling and an extra mark next to names, making sure no one is forgotten.

This month’s energy of loving those around our partners and us is special. Showing our children our love for each other is a gift. Put aside past and present differences. Make a commitment to heal NOW. Speak your truth and work through relationship problems. Sometimes divorce is the only way. Chaos only closes the heart energy or charka, thus creating illness. Please put aside anger, fear, blame and revenge as they can manifest Chi, which is toxic. Work on your own forgiveness, as with each meditation, prayer or mantra the energy around your home and body balance and change a space. I can Feng Shui your home, office, business, but your job is to keep the “clutter” of the living or working space clear, mind, body and spirit.

Play balancing music, ring bells, open windows – voices of the children – and doors – voices of adults, letting in fresh air, so that each will communicate. Delete old phone and email messages, buy 40-50 mm round lead faceted crystals and place them in the corners of your home for clarity. Give intention to each crystal as it is hung, as the rainbow effect created by the leaded ball will transform energy into action. Where do you need action and clarity? Career, Knowledge, Family, Fame, Partnership, Children and Creativity, Helpful People or Health? For my former clients, reread my mapping for your homes and business. Have you put into action all of the information I gave you? Some things I suggested during your consultation may have seemed insignificant, but are huge in value.

Here is an email question that relates to the Element of Water and Partnership. I hope it will bring some more light to this complex adjustment of relationship harmony.

Dear Caroline,

We have a back deck that faces west. The door to the deck is sliding glass. The hot tub is for three people. The deck has a glass ceiling.

Where should I put the hot tub?

Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to my problem.

A Reader

Dear Reader,

Thanks for your question.

The Bagua, or eight-sided octagon containing the aspirations and Elements of life, are reflected in your home’s floor plan according to the Feng Shui principles. I have found hot tubs placed in the Partnership section, or the far back right area of a home, inside or outside, to be a problem. Having said that, don’t panic if you have already installed one in this location. The reason for this statement is this Marriage Gua or Earth is related, so too much Water in this section can “drown out” your relationship. To balance out the overabundance of Water, add some candles, romantic lights, tiki torches, or an outdoor firepot.

WchalisMy personal opinion and advice is to place the hot tub in the Wealth corner of the home or property or the far back left of the deck in your layout, as money flows to the house on Water. Make sure it is always working, clean and turned on. A broken fountain or other Water feature that is not running can be disabling to the cure or enhancement. Last but not least, the biggest obstacle about hot tubs placed in the Partnership Triad is they “invite” too many people into a Partnership, as they usually have more than two seating areas. Oops! This same rule applies to entertaining guests or using the Marriage side of the lot for swing sets and children’s toys. If you find yourself with this home layout, please restore or stack the excess chairs, etc. when the party is finished. Return two chairs to the outdoor table, or place a peach or orange tree in this Earth zone. Pink flowers are always a welcome visual sight, as Pink is the color for love.

Chinese Antique Door

Chinese Antique Door and Its Origin

From the beginning of time, man has recorded his life. Whether it be the walls of a cave or a priceless painting in the Louvre, creativity is a part of the human experience. Furniture, panels, window coverings, stone walls, tiles, flooring, jewelry and pottery are but a few of the materials that hold man’s nature. Forms, shapes, colors, wood, metal, stone and clay have been used to carve, mold and retain words and feelings of the artist. Ancient buildings in most countries display magnificent artesian creations, from fountains to the roof tops. These pieces speak symbolically of the past and hold energy from the makers and the owners. Using pieces in your home that have a positive past are a welcome addition.

Here is an email from a person who recently purchased some beautiful huge double doors. They are works of art and he/she would like to more know about them. The pictures sent by email reveal over one hundred metal half pieces on the panels. Some of the large ones are set in rows in horizontal lines across both doors. Other features are metal wording, dark wood and two round ring handles, which are probably the openers to the heavy doors. Here is the correspondence.


I was advised that you would be able to give me information about this door. I would like to use it as an entry door for my house. I have searched in books and also the Internet, no such luck. Can you kindly help?

I am hoping you can give me information on this particular door. With this email is an attachment file, with pictures of the door. I had purchased it at a consignment store in California. I have searched the Internet to get more information, but all I find are reproduction doors, but not anything like this particular door. I thank you in advance and appreciate any information you can provide.

I was told the following information when I purchased this door. Origin: Shan Xi, Qing (Ching) Dynasty Circa: 200 years old, 1634-1911 Material: Elm Wood with Wrought Iron Measurements: 96.5′ x 26.5′ x 6


A Reader


Please don’t take my word on this, as I am no authority on antiques. There are places on the internet which you might search and experts in San Francisco who could help you on your research regarding your purchase of doors. So, in saying that, I do remember my Master Teacher talking about the raised, large half circles on doors we saw in China, and that they reflected the owner’s importance, adding you could add the same type of decoration to your doors if you want to retain or add status in the community. Certain numbers are auspicious and bring good luck, so the amount of “decorative knobs” in certain areas in a row would tell a story of sorts about the person who lives in the house.

I would also think they are for protection, as they represent the METAL Element in the 5 element theory system and are convex. No “evil” can stick to a rounded protruding surface, and I see the door ring handles are guarded by Mystical Dogs. You might find a site which might give more insight as to the characters. They look wonderful and I hope they bring you abundance.

The Metal Element in a constructive cycle will “make condensation” which in turn makes WATER, and WATER is the Element which is associated with job opportunities. The mouth of Chi is the front door, and so Chi flows through the front door bringing Knowledge and Helpful People to assist with those unseen opportunities!

The pictures of the doors are beautiful and mystical. I would try to find out what part of China they came from and if the owners were prosperous, which in turn, would help you be prosperous, as well. This is called predecessor Chi. The energy continues to help or hinder the next owner. Remember, keeping things around that are loved will bring good luck, while keeping old, mean, Auntie DoDa’s rings and desk is only asking for you to inherit her “Cranky Chi.” Yikes! And why are you keeping the china from a horrible divorce and the china cabinet or, God forbid, sleeping on the same mattress you shared with this person? Every time you pass the display cabinet it is a silent reminder of the culprit.

Please let me know what you find out about the doors. If you have no luck I will try to find a friend who can help you.

Could you share who recommended me for this advice?