partners2The Nine Elements of the Bagua

Here we have a partnership.

In this case, it’s the cover drawing for “Chinese Power Animals” which I illustrated.

Here is a picture of 2 deer that would be great in the partnership sector of your home.



The Nine Elements of the Bagua

FNewPoppyThe luscious colors of red and orange strike a glorious combination in this poppy.

A storm over the plains shows us how dramatic nature can be; perfect to jazz up your Fame sector.



Creativity & Children

The Nine Elements of the Bagua

ChwhiteflowerA painting such as this white flower is an excellent choice to bring harmony to the Creativity section of the house or business.

This painting of two children would be ideal in the Children or Creativity sector of the Bagua.



The Nine Elements of the Bagua

The colors for the Career section are blue and black.

Here are excellent renditions for the entryway of your home. Bridgeattop1

What do the bridges represent to you?career