The Nine Elements of the Bagua

The bagua is a feng shui pattern used to determine the significance and auspicious qualities of spacial relationships. Place the Bagua over the house centering the grid with the center of the house as closely as possible. (Also include the garage if it is built onto the structure, as most garages are a large part of the floor plan.) Place an invisible thumbtack in the center of the Bagua and swing the Career section of the Bagua to your FRONT DOOR. Now the architectural front door becomes the “mouth of the Chi.” The Bagua can be placed over the home, car, boat, property, the body, the face and the nation.

HwomenhoeCenter: Earth and Earth Colors

Clearing the clutter in the health sector can open the way for better health and harmony in the home.

HbirdThis bird with its bright yellow background and cala lillies was painted for a woman with fertility issues. It worked! She and her husband adopted a baby when it seemed it would never happen.

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