Asilomar II

Bedrooms have a life of their own. From childhood homes to your present house, every structure has had an impression on your life.

There are feng shui rules that apply to children’s bedrooms as well as the partners who discipline the household.

Recently I traveled to southern California to again speak for the Santa Clara Reading Council convention. They had again invited me to speak to the educational systems of this county on feng shui. This was my third yearly trek to Pacific Grove, California. The famous facility of Asilomar is located on the Monterey coastline of the Pacific Ocean

Schoolteachers, superintendents, principles and other speakers gather to learn the newest skills to bring their students the best available information. 4000 of these dedicated teachers fill the classrooms and lodges for three full days. Feng shui was a new concept in the arrangement of the classroom. Putting the teacher in a power position and the students in the productive guas according to their interests. The ancient Chinese bagua or eight-sided mathematically equal grid fits over the classroom giving support to the teacher as well as the students.

My one-hour teaching assignment was on the subject of classroom organization for harmony and balance. The room limit was 40 people; 75+ people filled the room. Many younger teachers sat on the floor while 20 latecomers stood for the session.

Wealth_SymbolTo my amusement the subject of the lecture, swiftly shifted to partnerships, relationships, marriages, divorces and affairs. The questions quickly showed me that almost everyone is having a difficult time with their partner. It’s called a “realignment”. Every so many years we must shift or be shifted. It is a temporary chaos, which is affecting many couples. Use feng shui for relief. Try not to blame and hold major decisions until the dust settles. September 11th is still rumbling throughout the nation and reflecting in our personal lives.

Here is one example of many e-mails I have received lately.

Dear Caroline,

My life is falling apart. Husband has left me for a younger woman but wants to come home. I have a back injury and cannot work. I have applied for SSI and will know soon if I get it. I watch my granddaughter and make about $35 a week. I am trying to improve my home from your articles, as I have no money for a consult or a book. I made a partnership corner in the kitchen, but wonder if I should move my bedroom back upstairs over the kitchen. That bedroom is a guest room done in blue and mauve and it has many “pairs” in the décor. My bedroom is now in the left front corner of the house. I could then put the living room there, and the now living/dining room would just be dining room. I could even move the front door to the left of the double window on the south wall. This would make it face the street. I have added some lilacs to the bath and also some bright lavender towels. I also put garland of blue and purple flowers over the windows and bathtub. The walls are cream and the floors are forest green. I put a chunk of amethyst crystal and a string of pearls on the counter with the lilacs. If I could afford to, I would have you do my whole house!! Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.

Your dilemma sounds serious. My questions to you would be:

  • How long have you lived in this house?
  • Who lived there before you?
  • What house were you living in when the chaos began?
  • How long have you been married?
  • What is the underlying problem?
  • Family, friends, business partners.
  • Why did you get married?
  • What are you ages?
  • How many children?
  • First husband?

Patterns are continually repeated until we get the point. There are four control methods we use in life: intimidator, interrogator, poor me and aloof. I have used all of them in my 41-year marriage! The universe or God talks to us through the body. I only recommend and keep books that have changed my life. One is “Heal Your Body” by Louise Hay. The vertebra in the back are listed and each one corresponds to a message the body is sending the brain. How long did I want to suffer? The back relates to the need to forgive past issues. I used the corresponding affirmation for healing, repeating the words again and again as they penetrated my body, mind and soul until I released the issue. I walked four miles a day for five years as I wanted to heal my body and move forward in life.

Madonna_and_ChildAs a consultant, three related components of mind, body and spirit. All must be examined to help the client.

The first step could be getting rid of 27 things in 9 days. The energy of this number promotes change. What possessions are you holding onto just because? Is the house cluttered? This is the first clue to the puzzle of stagnant chi.

Your colors and changes sound terrific. I would reclaim the partnership bedroom. Do you want your husband back? I always advise working toward your dream. This is when marriages fall apart, when one or both of the partners feel they have been denied their passion and purpose. It’s never about you — it’s about the other one’s struggle to find their destiny. It’s a natural desire to reach your potential.

Resentment festers and causes deep regret. Illness results. To change relationships, get a new mattress. The old one contains emotional and physical DNA of the last relationship. If you believe you will fail, you will. Pink is the color of love. Yellow is for healing. Use these colors in clothing for yourself and the center of the house. Please continue to educate yourself on feng shui and contact me if you have more questions.

Feng shui and herbal suggestions are suggestions only. Consult a qualified medical doctor for medical treatment.

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