Dead End Doorways to the Future

Wealth_Symbol_150I receive many questions from high school and college students on the impact of using Feng Shui in their lives. Some parents may not consider Feng shui as a tool to change their children’s lives. They should take a look at the value of this form of balance, as it could help many divorced parents find peace in their homes, which overflows into their grown children’s lives. The Art of Placement does have an effect through color , design and environment. Every house or room you have lived in impacts an energy print on the way you perceive life. Here is yet another question from a frustrated youth. Today’s children grow up too quickly and then return home because of various situations. Try Feng Shui for helping them move forward and finding their future and purpose. Here is some advice for finding that unique path.

Dear Caroline,

I don’t exactly need to know much about the house, but more about my room. I’m 20 and I still live with my mom, I’ve been out of a job since last November when I quit to go see my dad in Georgia (parents are divorced). Anyway, it’s been hard for me to find a job and get on a path to accomplish goals in my life. I recently got into Feng Shui so I’m trying to arrange my room to help me in life. My problem is that when I walk into my room or my Career area, the door opens up so I face a dead end wall (it’s actually the same for the actual entryway to the house), and the rest of the room is on the right. I figure this might have something to do with my difficulties finding work since my Career area of my room is pretty non-existent. What can I do to help fix this problem? A quick response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

A Reader

Dear Reader,

Thank you for realizing your surrounding environment could have an impact on your life! This ancient form of Balance and Harmony called Feng Shui was originally used to find the perfect surroundings to build villages, grow crops, provide temples of worship and be protected from the ravages of storms and drought. Today we can use this same theory to energize not only our homes, businesses, plots of land, cities and nations, but also a desk, room, bed, boat, car and the human body!

Everything has a measured energy. Under the earth are energy grids which criss-cross the entire earth. The study of these earth energies is called geomancy. I have learned the basis of this energy or Chi and how it works and how it affects homes and clients. Animals are very attuned to these forces, some more than others. A dog will not lay on a stress line, while a wild cat and some domestic felines seem to enjoy healing the troublesome spot by stretching over the area while sleeping. I’ll relate a quick consultation where this was indeed the case.

A divorced woman called me several years ago to help her overcome her distress of the situation. She was unhappy about her whole life and couldn’t seem to move forward. Her cat followed us throughout the most of the consultation and then disappeared. It was a very hot day of over 98 degrees, which is quite warm for the Bay Area of California. As we walked outside to finish the outdoor session of the consultation, there was the large 14-year-old, longhaired cat lying in the sun on the direct corner of a missing Partnership section of the home. The poor animal was panting as there was no shade on this corner out in the middle of the parched area where a corner post should have been connected a room to this far back right portion of the house. I had already concluded that missing piece of a floor plan could cause stress to a marriage, but the cat KNEW there was an imbalance to the home site.

Underground energies are a big problem when one of these lines falls in an important Qua or section of the eight-sided Bagua used as a tool for the practitioner to map the home.

The other interesting mystery of this consultation was the woman had been divorced 12 years, and I was mislead as to the time frame of the final separation, as in her conversation, it was as if it was yesterday. She could not let go of the past, was in several lawsuits and it showed in almost every section of the home. The cat was certainly working overtime, trying to correct earth energies in the house and under the property. Why am I telling you this? Because the energy in the house where you live does affect everyone in the structure. If you really want to change your future, start in your room and work outward, or work from the front yard inward visualizing what the Chi sees as it passes your Mother’s house. Is it inviting or blocked? If the dwelling is a condo or apartment, it is even more important to distinguish your apartment from the neighbor’s.

Can Santa Claus find YOUR house?

Make it stand out in a positive way by adding red flowers in black pots, for example. So it’s winter, add silk flowers with a seasonal touch. Entryways are truly important. This is called the ‘mouth of Chi’ where the unseen energy enters your home.

Yes, if there only seems to be a few feet to a wall on entry, a large mirror should be hung. Some schools of Feng Shui thought claim differently. Go with what feels right to you. I can tell you in my experience, this is a great cure and opens up possibilities. Get rid of any clutter such as shoes, boots or coats and take your books and mail to another place and file it. I have a three-shelf basket away from the door. Get rid of junk mail as you stand there and don’t let it pile up on the kitchen counter or a desk. When a desk is overflowing it gives a signal to the universe that you are already overloaded in the progress department. A fountain which is maintained, on and running at this entry will help bring opportunities.

Now that is finished opportunities began to flow into the house. Are you ready for the next steps of change? The corner to the right of the entry is also a very, very important Gua called Helpful People and Travel. A wallboard containing business cards of networking people, including your father’s picture or any other important person’s name, is considered an enhancement. A silver container is also a great tool for placing a written note about what you want in the future dated and signed, a mini contract for forward movement. Be ready for opportunities you don’t expect, as opportunities come in different directions, not planned. Clutter busting is the best way to draw the Chi into your space. It leaves the space open for new possibilities.

Now comes your room. Where is it located on the floor plan? Since you are 20 years old a front bedroom is best, grabbing opportunities quickly near the front door. A mirror is also needed on the first short wall you mentioned on entering your bedroom. The reflective surface insures the balance of the element of Water and creates a ‘doorway’ of openings. Check out the far back corner of the home and your room. Both areas need activation for Wealth. A picture of a gently flowing river is a good addition, or something purple. Chinese coins are effective as they are round and square, the symbol of Yin and Yang or the Tai Chi of life.

I’m thrilled you are considering Feng Shui to help you achieve your goals. I get many emails from students in high school and college, wanting information on the Art of Placement for term papers. The practice is defiantly ancient but very useful in our modern world. Last year I spoke to the AMA Continental Congress of Surgeons and their spouses in San Francisco at their conference for a six-hour workshop about mapping their homes. I will again be teaching five Feng Shui classes for a college in the northwest in 2004. There is a foundation on the study of Geomancy in Berkeley, California. Maybe you should look into that for a study, job-related field.

Feng Shui the home and your room for the best results. Good luck and let me know your results using Feng Shui.

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